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Novatech's continued growth has positioned the company as the leader in UK computer systems market. Linking to Novatech sends your visitors and customers to a well-recognized, trusted site they will be keen to purchase from.

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More information about Novatech

Novatech started in 1987 with a passion for the burgeoning field of personal computing and a simple ethos of supplying top of the line components at the lowest possible prices which we bring to you with our special promotional codes. The staff at Novatech manufacture and ship thousands of orders to people and businesses around the country every week. They manufacture components for their computers as well as use high end, top quality parts from such well respected brands as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and more. They also provide peripherals like memory sticks, keyboards from top brands like Logitech, mice and trackballs, printers, digital cameras, modems, servers, switches...everything your home or office might need to keep your all important computer system functioning its best.