Pink Elephant Parking

Pink Elephant Parking Discount Code and Deals

If you are looking for convenient and hassle free parking; Pink Elephant Parking is definitely the place for you. Pink Elephant parking is a park and ride service available at Stansted airport. They offer an excellent service, and ensure your car is parked safely and securely while you’re on holiday. Like a true VIP you can even get refreshments while you wait for the Pink Elephant bus to take you to Stansted. Take some of the stress out of flying by letting Pink Elephant Parking look after your motor.

More Information about Pink Elephant Parking

Established in 1992, Pink Elephant Parking has become the premier name for Stansted airport parking. Owned by Meteor Parking, Pink Elephant has become one of the UKs most famous airport parking brands due to its highly memorable name. When you go on holiday the last thing you want is to face the stresses of securing a vehicle. Pink Elephant Parking provides an airport parking solution for all, at a price that is highly competitive for the peace of mind it will afford you. Simply choose your departure date to get started, and let Pink Elephant Parking do the rest. After all providing customers airport parking needs are what they are all about!