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"Roses Only is a luxury brand," James explains. "Our customers are discerning, and they trust us to source the best roses available, no matter where in the world they are grown." The quest for quality led James to look beyond Australia's seasonal trade - to Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya. There he found the longer stems and larger heads he wanted to bring to our customers.

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James Stevens, our founder, has worked with flowers all his life. Aged five, he would visit the markets with his father, buying stock for the family floristry business run from at the Town Hall Station in Sydney. It was in the early 90's that James saw an opportunity in the new world of ecommerce for a business focussed on roses. His concept of a brand known for its quality - "the Tiffany of flowers" - led to the creation of Roses Only. Danielle Gubbay is our London Chief Executive. "Roses Only is a brand that I grew up with in Australia. I vividly remember receiving my first box. For me, they are synonymous with some of the most special moments of my life. When the opportunity came up, it was not a hard decision to leave my finance career to help build the brand in the UK.