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Spun Candy is a British, artisanal producer of premium hand-crafted candy and confectionery, and provider of unique confectionery masterclasses. Since launching in London in 2013 we have developed hundreds of designs and flavours of confectionery which look, smell and taste sensational.


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Launching in 2013, Spun Candy have made it their mission to be at the forefront of innovative confectionery. All their products are made by hand and free from made from natural flavours, 100% vegetarian, and free from gluten, gelatin, and GM.Though, it’s not just the science that the Spun Candy team is getting right. Not only are they bringing you the newest flavours of sweets and nailing the classics, they’re doing so at unbeatable prices – showing customers that great sweets can be delicious and affordable. So whatever little treat you’re munching on - when it’s a Spun Candy sweet, it’s safe to say it’ll be a pleasure for your taste buds and your wallet!